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Unmanned aerial solutions for specialized needs, such as flying and transmitting inside of metal tanks or special tactical approach systems for police are R4’s specialty.

Based in the United States as a division of a long-established robotics and vision systems company, R4 has the background and ability to partner with select universities and international suppliers to stay ahead of the curve with truly cutting edge systems.



One size fits all does not work for utilities. Transmission includes high and distant towers, where wind gusts can be an issue.

Distribution often entails narrow canopies above power poles or webs of residential wires everywhere – not to mention the issues relaetd to penetrating a substation.

For transmission and storm recovery applications, R4 Robotics has developed special (1+ hr)  long distance and endurance aerial inspection systems to aid utilities in identifying tower deficiencies, defects and more.


R4 Explosion Protected technologies are developed and certified for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries to scout in heightened danger zones  (ATEX Zone 2) to reduce risk of human life during inspection of highly flammable or combustable environments.

For applications inside of metal tanks, R4 has developed transmission and receiving technologies to deal with most of the intractable myriad RF reflections of the control and video signals.

For pipeline applications, R4 Robotics has developed special (1+ hr)  long distance and endurance aerial inspection systems.


Staircases, blindspots around corners, and rooftops are just some of the most dangersous spots for law enforcement to approach.

Identifying the need to keep officers safe in the line of duty, R4 Robotics has developed a line of caged roller drones that can be utilized by law enforcement and SWAT in dangerous situations both inside and outside of buildings.

In addition to recon tasks, R4 offers our standard quad or hex copters to handle higher altitude overview, search or traffic applications.


Utilities & Industrial
Oil, Gas & Chemical
Law Enforcement / SWAT


Introducing the New R4: 4wheel Explorer – 80 Mbit/s Mesh Technology

R4 Robotics is revealing its new 4wheel Explorer for hard to reach places, in conjunction with a worldwide leading 80 Mbit/s Mesh Network which will maintain transmission under the worst RF conditions.  R4 is also pleased to announce its partnership with Unmanned Aerial Services of Canada for this specific application for underground mining This 4wheel Explorer is…


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